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For our new line of tires, we chose the name LEGACY for a reason....

Wayne Andrews and "The Other Woman."


Traction Unlimited is a company that provides complete in-house tire service for truck and tractor pullers, ranging from stock garden tractors to multi-engine unlimited modified pulling tractors and everything in between.


Traction Unlimited was created with the idea that top quality service, fair pricing and reasonable turn-around can be achieved.  With truck and tractor pulling becoming more and more competitive, pullers are looking for every inch of track available.  As prices sky rocket for mechanical components, some tend to overlook the importance of properly working tires for individual setups.  At Traction Unlimited, we believe all the horsepower in the world doesn't mean much if you cannot put it to the ground.


So let us help you with your traction needs.  From Garden, Antique to Pro Stocks and Unlimited Mods as well as 2 and 4-wheel drive trucks, we can put together a combination that works for your application.


Lincoln Andrews started cutting tires in 1984 with his father, Wayne who was arguably the first to cut pulling tires professionally with customer wins as early as 1976 at the National Farm Machinery Show, in Louisville, Kentucky.


Beside his father with a grinder in his hands at age 10 Lincoln began to 'sharpen' his skills of putting the finishing touches on pulling tires.  His father cut tires for literally hundreds of top-named pullers and Lincoln gained the experience and knowledge required to work with the top teams in America.


Now with more than 35 years experience, Lincoln is currently utilizing two Banter precision tire cutting machines to cut and apply the finish by hand.  "We have developed a finish process that is second to none.  We believe our edge holds longer than the competition.  Our many repeat customers will attest to this".  Over the last 13 years Lincoln has quietly put Traction Unlimited on the pulling map by applying  basic principles, common sense and forward thinking.  Many teams across the USA have embraced the experience that Lincoln brings to the table.


When you combine Lincoln's experience and longtime relationships in the pulling industry with the Andrews tradition of producing winners, Traction Unlimited is the right choice!


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