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Along with the corresponding Frequently Provided Answers!

Traction Unlimited general questions:


Will you cut our tires if we provide them?

Absolutely, we are willing to work with you any way we can!


Can you cut our tires if we don't have them on rims?

We sure can, however we do need to mount them to cut them. We offer this service for most popular sizes of pulling tires for a reasonable fee.


Do you offer shipping to and from your shop?

Yes we have many shippers we use to best serve our customers. We have even coordinated customers that are regionally  close to each other to aid in transportation.


Do you machine cut tires?

Yes. We utilize two Banter Machines to cut and finish by hand. We have developed a finish process that is second to none. We believe our edge holds longer than the competition. Our many repeat customers will attest to this.


Are you willing to work with us, we only pull stock tractors at a local level?

Absolutely! All our customers are important to us. We take the same pride in our work whether we are working with sportsman pullers at a local garden tractor club or the professional who is competing in a State or National pulling series in big truck and tractor classes.


Will you take our tires on trade?

Yes, if we have a customer looking for what you have. We try to keep our overhead low to provide the lowest cost possible to all our customers. In the worse case we will help you market and sell your tires if we can't trade at that time.


We are passing through during the pulling season. Can you sharpen our tires while we wait?

Yes we can, however depending on what size and cut your tires are it may require an overnight stay. We refuse to rush a job out the door just to get it done. With proper planning we can accomplish what you need. We strive to keep our customers in a points chase and save travel time when we can. All that being said we would prefer to schedule a time when you have a few days off, so that we can work them through our busy schedules.


I have awesome looking aluminum wheels and don't want them scratched or damaged. Can you cut or sharpen my tires on my wheels?

We sure can. We have had hundreds of aluminum and amazing paint jobs on steel wheels come through the shop with zero complaints. All aluminum and painted steel wheels are kept in our heated shop while they are in our possession.


Do you sell, or prep and mount aluminum wheels?

Yes. We can source many brands of wheels. We take the same approach with preparing and mounting wheels that we do with our cutting and sharpening. We take the extra steps ensure a top quality job. We also have a custom built machine to safely dismount tires on aluminum wheels.


I have some parts or tires that I have sold to someone who is in your area or passing through. Would you be willing to help me out, can I leave my parts or tires at your place to make it easier for them to pickup?

If you are one of our customers, we are happy to assist in making that happen.


I am considering using you to get some work done, but have heard that you are priced higher than other cutters. What do you do different that would make me want to use your services?

While our service may cost more we believe we are competitively priced. Our very busy schedule and incredible rate of repeat customers indicates we are doing something right. We cover more details than most and believe the performance of our tires reflect that.


Can we pick up or drop off our tires late at night or on the weekend?

We try to work with you as best we can, but hope you understand that we have interest outside of work as well. We would prefer that pick up and drop offs be made during business hours, but special arrangements can be made.


I know your shop is in the country, can I get a semi in and out of your place?

Yes you can. We have big trucks and trailers in and out regularly.

Questions about our TUI LEGACY line of pulling tires:



TUI is short for Traction Unlimited, Inc. The LEGACY represents what my father started over 50 years ago.


Why didn't you design a tire that was chevron molded?

Quite simply, cost. It is our intent to build the best pulling tire available and have it built right here in the USA. We could have spent the money to design a mold to accomplish what we wanted to do, however that comes at a cost to the end user with increased capital investment. We have chosen existing agricultural molds that provide a platform for Traction Unlimited, Inc. and our certified dealers to be creative in filling our customers needs in bar heights and angles. Make no mistake the TUI LEGACY line of tires is not just an off the shelf ag tire. We chose the platform and totally re-engineered the tire to meet the demand of todays pulling.


I pull antiques, do you have a tire for me?

Absolutely! We are the first to market with a complete line of 38 inch pulling tires . TUI LEGACY tires are available in two bias versions of 15.5 x 38 with 22 bars and two bias versions of 18.4 x 38 to suit everything from barnyard pullers with top cuts to the popular open classes. The 15.5s can be top cut, single cut and double cut withe a solid half inch bar. 18.4s can be top, single cut, bar and a half or short bar double cut in the 22 bar tire. Then we can go all out with a top, single, or tall double in the 60 bar V cut configuration.


What about radials?

We have an 18.4 and a 20.8 radial option. Both are capable of pushing the 9/16 inch bar heights if you are a believer in tall bars.


Do the TUI LEGACY tires need to be  cured?

It is my opinion that the TUI LEGACY brand offers the best quality rubber available in a pulling tire. Curing is optional, but not necessary. Our tread rubber is at 85 on the durometer prior to curing.


Where can I buy TUI LEGACY tires?

There are three TUI LEGACY Certified dealer/tire cutters. CM Pulling Tires, K3 Pulling Tires, and of course Traction Unlimited. Inc.


What sizes are available?

Currently we have 10 models to choose from. Two 15. 5 x 38 bias, two 18.4 x 38 bias, one 18.4 x 38 radial and rounding out the 38 inch line is our 20.8 radial. We also are producing two versions of the 24.5 x 32 and two versions of the 30.5 x 32.


Why would I choose the TUI LEGACY?

Our main objective was to create a tire that would be cost effective. With the purchase price being a big factor in cost effectiveness, its durability and performance that must also be considered. My philosophy has always been to leave as much rubber on the tire as long as possible to increase the life of the tires. I designed this line of tires to put more inches of bar on the track than the competition. With this platform your tire cutter can work with you to put a combination on your TUI LEGACY Pulling Tires to match your needs and you can be confident they will be more cost-effective over time.


With pulling organizations cracking down on tire limitations, are TUI LEGACY TIRES within limits?

All our tires are designed and manufactured to be within all specifications for respective sizes for all pulling organizations.


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