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We offer a wide variety of services for the serious tractor puller.

New and Used Tire Cutting


Sharpening of Existing Cut Tires


Sale of Used Tires


Tire Curing


Shipping Available at Reasonable Rates

We can cut almost any tire for you, new or used.  We can sharpen them.  We can cure them.  We may even have a few used tires you may be interested in.  Just give us a call, we’d love to hear what you’ve got in mind.

New and Used Tire Cutting

We machine cut and hand finish.  We can provide new or used tires to cut for your project, or we are more than happy to cut your tires.  All tires need to be mounted on wheels for us to cut them.  However we can mount your tires on our shop wheels if needed to complete your job.  We can also accept your open center, 38" double-bevel wheels.  Don't hesitate to ask what we have on hand as we have several used ag tires in stock ready to be cut.


Sharpening of Existing Cut Tires

At Traction Unlimited, Inc. we maintain many customers tires.  We also rehab many tires that we have not previously worked on.  We do things a little different than other tire cutters, for example, we have developed a process of finishing our tires that we believe holds an edge longer than the competition.  Let us show you how our work out performs and out lasts our competitors.


Mounting of Aluminum Wheels

Whether we are preparing new aluminum wheels or remounting used wheels, we take the same approach to the work.  We clean and  deburr all mating surfaces to ensure a quality fit.  If mounting tubeless we utilize only quality 100% silicone to seal the wheels and tires. We install top quality grade 8 bead screws and chrome caps as needed.  When mounting tube type we use only American made, heavy tubes to ensure a quality job.  If dismounting is required we have a machine to safely dismount tires to avoid damage to aluminum wheels.




Goodyear 30.5 x 32

Dyna Torque II Ag Tire

Double Cut - Front View

Goodyear 30.5 x 32

Dyna Torque II Ag Tire

Double Cut - Back View

Firestone 30.5 x 32 HP

BFG Power Saver

with short top cut

Firestone 15.5 x 38

Super All Traction II

Single Cut

Firestone Super / Radial

All Traction Single Cut

Firestone Super/ Radial

All Traction Double Cut

Firestone 20.8 x 38

Single V Cut

Single Cut 15.5 x 38

Deep Tread

Bar and a half 18.4 x 38

Top Cut 14.9 x 38

18.4 x 38 Single Cut

24.5 Double Cut Puller

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